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PLEASE NOTE: we have moved our services to https://legitcheck.app website. Over there, you will have a more advanced, refined and seamless shopping experience. We will honor orders placed through this shop but for your convenience, we recommend our main website.

Do check out our eSignature software as well: https://www.usesignhouse.com/electronic-signature


All our guides are out there for free so you can learn to do this yourself instead of paying for it. So download the app (https://legitcheck.app/app) first and only if you feel like our help is 100% necessary, then buy this.

We'd honestly help everyone for free, it's simply the fact that we've got a plan in place to make more guides for people — see it on the home page of the guides library.


This is a way to pay for the service of authenticating (legit checking) one item.

After payment, follow these steps:

1. Forward the confirmation email you receive after purchasing this to [email protected]
2. Title the email "LEGIT CHECK SERVICE"
3. Submit at least 6 pictures (including box label and size tag, if applicable) and give us as many details as possible about the transaction (price, where did you buy the item from etc.)

We'll get back to you within 48 hours with a verdict: authentic or fake.

If the item's authenticity status is undeterminable (due to low quality photos or other reasons), a full refund will be issued.